Car trailers are two-wheeled vehicles that move thanks to the driving force of another vehicle, connected through a towbar. In this section you will find pictures and technical details regarding our trucks and trailers for the transport of cars.

With other forty years of field experience, Turatello is the leading company in the production of car trailers for road transport. The car trailers visible in this section have been built entirely by us, with tubular galvanized steel frames and platforms, welded and varnished, torsion bar axles, AL-KO mechanics and inertia braking.

All trailers are created in their standard version and can be costumed according to every need: trailer with a closure of the load floor, ramps for trailers of different lengths, fixed or detachable, electric winches, crib trailers and customized track bodies are just a few of the aspects we can work on in order to make your car trailer the most suitable possible for your needs, without compromising its quality and its compliance to the current regulations.

Through the years, thanks to the help and experience of our trusted collaborators in the fields of transport and races, we managed to create a range of collections of trailers for the transport of complete cars, meeting everybody’s needs: from transport of small, light cars to transport of big SUVs and agricultural machinery, from covered trailers with curtainsiders to classic open car trailers, up to fibreglass and bilaminate aluminium boxes. Moreover, other than the serial production of trucks and car trailers, we also realize transmission components for towing with passenger cars, jeeps, SUVs and vans.

No matter what you are carrying: Turatello makes its best to realize the trailer that best suits your needs.

Folding curtainsider



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