– New version with lowerable axes now available! –

Box trailer for the transport of cars or other vehicles. Box model with two axes, higher payload than the 10026F. 10035F is the car trailer with more usable space in the Turatello catalogue. Box and equipped, this trailer is the ideal choice for those who want to carry the race-car or the road car, saving space and payload to carry any kind of goods (spare wheels, compressors, gazebos…).

Entirely projected and built by our company. with tubular galvanized steel, welded and varnished. The box body is made of fibreglass monocoque, with sides in bilaminated aluminium. Recessed footrests above the wheels, walkable central locker (useful for carrying ware) and eight storage lockers under the footrests. Back ramp, side door opening upwards with shock absorbers, front door to access the wench. Torsion bar axles, AL-KO mechanics and inertia braking.

Standard equipment includes a winch to lift 900kg, spare wheel, two wheel wedges and an openable side or front door. This box trailer for the transport of cars and racing vehicles is available with many options and customizations: custom colour, electric winch, dual side door, up to the extensions for the footrests, suitable for the transport of lower cars (sports cars, Formula Super Car 7 …).

The 10035F is also available with the truck body in the PLUS version: always remaining a fibreglass monocoque with aluminium bilaminated sides, the height is higher (275cm compared to the 225 of the standard version), as well as the tare. This version is the perfect choice for transporting SUVs, jeeps, particularly high classic cars or special loads.

Load size

cm 218x540x160h

Overall size

cm 230x660x225h

Total mass

3500 kg


c.a. 1100 kg

Carrying capacity

c.a. 2400 kg


195/55 R 13