In this page you will find examples of two car costumed trailers.

The convenience of a trailer for the transportation of two car comes from the fact of being able to move smoothly on the road, without the need to rent a truck or an articulated lorry. Since they are, in fact, car trailers, these models can be driven with a BE licence on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: they are the ideal solution for high-speed transport or teams, collectors, showrooms and carriers.

All of our two car trailers are made with tubulars and galvanized sheets: the supporting structures are welded, the profiles are made of aluminium and the boxes of fibreglass or aluminium. The hydraulic lifting platforms can be electric or manual. All of this in order to guarantee robustness, duration in time and elevated possibilities of customization.

In the photogallery you can find different examples: we wish you to appreciate the different personalization of the 10026 (with the fibreglass truck body and folding cloth box and curtainfolder , aluminium profile and truck body) and, particularly, the trailer for the transport of two cars 10035 (22 tons of payload, large indoor space (6,13×2,15×2,10h)), the last creation of Turatello’s, with electric winch, electric-hydraulic lift, custom colour and interior storage lockers.

With other forty years in the trailer’s field, we can satisfy all of your requests. Don’t be afraid to put us to the test!