The fiberglass used for the realization of the box bodies of our trailers, is certified for food use, according to all the CE laws.


A commercial trailer for itinerant shops allows the owner to have, for a low price, the start up for any commercial activity, outdoor or indoor, such as fairs or exhibitions.

A commercial trailer for itinerant shops is a novelty that allows the owner to overcome the difficulties of:

  1. finding a cheap physical shop,
  2. a working area with a high turnover,
  3. diversifying the working area,
  4. covering a wider area and population.

Nowadays, owning a commercial trailer allows the population  to abandon the old dogma that saw in the car the only way to go grocery shopping or to find the cheapest store. In the last few years, with the increased prices of gasoline, the comfort of an itinerant shop allows potential customers to find what they are looking for straight out of their houses.

In this section you will find a few examples of the customizations we have realized on our commercial trailers for itinerant shops. Thanks to over forty years of experience, to a catalogue that covers frames of different sizes and the possibility to work by hand, we can realize almost any kind of box body and itinerant shop: from small hot-dog trailers to billboard trucks, from big trailers for exhibition stands to itinerant workshops.

We are always working with tubulars and galvanized metal sheets. All of our supporting structures are welded, the profiles are made of aluminium and the box bodies of aluminium or fibreglass. All of this to guarantee to our customers sturdy, long-lasting trailers with endless possibilities of customization.

Cube Model

3004 ER Model

Mono Model

10020 Model

10026 Model

10035 Model