Trailer for itinerant shops for selling groceries. Dual-axled trailer; total weight from 16 to 20 quintals, it’s possible to declass it according to the needs of the customer.

3004ER is the ideal choice for who wants to have a commercial trailer set up for selling groceries. The frame is made of tubular galvanized steel, the box body of  fibreglass insulated sandwich panel and the profiles of anodized aluminium.

Standard equipment includes a customized side door, a rear single hatch or a small entrance door and a front gas cylinders holder.

The 3004 ER can be equipped –  thanks to the collaboration with specialized companies and according to the current regulations – with an internal set up, ready to use: fridge, hood, sink, stainless counters, fryer and cookers upon request, according to the intended use.

Internal dimensions

cm 294x204x200(height)

Overall weight

1600/2000 kg


approx. 500 kg


195/55 R10