In this section you will find pictures and technical details about our trailers with living quarters, These trailers are comfortable, the equipment can be standard or customized, they have spacious rears, perfect to load everything (go-karts, motorbikes, quads, small cars, ware). They are made thanks to the collaboration with an equipment company, that guarantees high quality interiors thanks to decades of experience in the field of campers and vans,

Structures and box bodies are entirely built by our company in Padova, with frames made of tubular galvanized steel, welded and varnished, and torsion bar AL-KO axles, with inertia braking.

A trailer with living quarters is the ideal choice for races, trekking trips, long transportations or, simply, for people who want to live autonomously for a few days. Our trailers with living quarters are the best alternative to campers, vans or lorries: compared to these choices, they have numerous benefits: the low initial price, the low maintaining price (stamp and insurance do not cost more than 60€ per year), it can be unhooked if you want to move freely with your car, it doesn’t need frequent maintenance and holds its value through the years.

Each one of these trailers is created in its standard version and can be customized according to the needs of the customer. Standard equipment includes spare wheel and foot brake.

Mono Living

Motor Sport living

Master Living

Plus Living