This big trailer for the transport of horses is the right choice for those who want to acquire a good trailer that combines aesthetics and roadhold. Thanks to its 13 quintals payload, the Senior is thought and built to satisfy customers who want their trailer to be sturdy, with a modern design, equipped, steady and with spacious interiors.

Entirely projected and built by our company, con with a lowered frame made of dip galvanized steel boxed, welded and varnished, modelled on our Magic. The supporting structure is made of galvanized steel, welded to the frame. Filmed plywood for the interiors, floor covered in non-slip rubber. Torsion bar axles, AL-KO mechanics and inertia braking.

Standard equipment includes interior light, spare wheel, inspection door, stuffed stable rails and divider (removable). Between the options, front down ramp, closed stable rails with a door on the right side and shock absorber on the back ramp.

Load size

cm 350x166x221h

Variable total mass

1500-2000 kg


c.a. 700 kg

Carrying capacity

1300 kg


185 R14 / 195 R15