Plus Living is the most spacious trailer of our production. Suitable for the costumes who needs to carry more horses at once, or who just wants more front space for the transport of ware (saddles, a coach…). It’s available in three versions: one with the weight of 26 quintals, one with the weight of 35 quintals and a lenghtened 35 quintals version.

It’s a practical horse trailer, that takes full advantage of its dimensions to have a greater internal volume. Designed and built to be easily towed by a car, Plus is the ideal horse trailer to reach races, for teams, for longer trekking trips or for transporters.

Entirely projected and built by our company, with tubular galvanized steel, welded and varnished. The box body is made of fibreglass monocoque, bilaminate aluminium sides, the supporting structure is made of galvanized steel, welded to the frame. Filmed plywood interiors, floor covered with non-slip rubber. Back ramp for loading/unloading. Upper door for air circulation, openable either while moving or when the trailer is still. Torsion bar axles, AL-KO mechanics and inertia braking.

Standard equipment includes spare wheel, roof window, interior light, front entrance door with retractable step, stuffed stable rails and dividers (removable) in the back part; closet, many lockers and storage shelves, dinette with cushions, lowerable table (one bed), a foldaway double bed, an openable window, two portholes above the bathroom and the living room, a cabinet with mirror doors in the bathroom area, an ABS shower tray, a chemical toilet, a system with s 220/12V transformer, a boiler for hot water and water tanks in the living area.

External dimensions

cm. 540x210x210-220 (altezza variabile)

Internal dimensions

cm. 540x210x210-220

Overall weight

1600 kg.


c.a. 600 kg


195/55 R10