Model F26

Trailer wagon car transport

Size of the load

cm 520x216x162


Total size

cm 230x660x225h

Overall weight

2600 Kg


c.a. 1050 kg


c.a. 1550 kg



195 – R10

Model F26

The medium model of vans for car or vehicle transport, the F26 model, also available in the BRA version (hydraulic system that allows the trailer to be lowered to the ground) is the right means of transporting your car, and your car away from climatic agents and prying eyes!

Our thirty years of experience in the world of racing has allowed us to create a “perfect” trailer especially designed for Motorsport, and for professional transport with very low uphill angles to load Sport / Single seater cars and numerous lockers and internal spaces for hospitalization of spare parts.

The standard equipment includes the tilting system, a manual winch, a cushioned rear ramp, a cushioned left side door, a front door, the rear support wheels and the spare wheel.

Many other options are available, such as: the XL variant of 6 meters internal useful, the Variant Plus with a height of 2.10 internal meters, the double side hatch, the access door, the electric winch, the internal LED, the customized paint, the perforated platforms, alloy wheels and much more!

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