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Turatello trailers was born from the passion for racing cars. Towards the end of the 1960s, Mr. Pasqualino Turatello built the first trailer himself to transport his “self-built” car and after many appearances at demonstrations and events with good appreciation from many people for his trailer, they commissioned him in turn some trailers for their cars, so in July 1970 the “Turatello trailers auto” was born, a little more than family company managed by Pasqualino & Maria Grazia (husband and wife) with the production of this type of trailers.

The work was never lacking, many requests also arrived from other sectors, so production also diversified with trailers for transporting goods, tent trailers and a few years later with trailers used for transporting horses which in a few years became the leading market. of the company! Then in 1988, again from an idea by Pasqualino, the first semi-trailers were also born with a monocoque construction in fiberglass and the intended uses were many, from horse transport, goods transport, boat transport to vehicle transport. But in the 90s unfortunately there was an Italian crisis in this sector in general, thanks also to the luxury taxes imposed precisely for this sector, and therefore there was an unbridled competition with trailers from Eastern Europe which slowed down the requests.

At that point, Francesco Turatello, son of Pasqualino, acquired the company in 2005 seeing the increasingly difficult situation in the sector in which he was working and he believed and bet everything on the Car Transport product for Motorsport / Classic Cars. Being a great lover of cars of all types and above all also a well-known driver, he has created an ad hoc trailer for his needs with all the imaginable tricks to facilitate loading, excellent stability and speed of use for those who make use. Looking for partners for a distribution abroad, Francesco found ample opportunities and from that moment the company focused solely on van transport, growing year after year in a predominantly European market and finding more and more interest from other drivers and people with the same passion.

Then in 2015 the first new SR50 semi-trailers were born, small semi-trailers to be towed by light tractors also used for multiple uses. In 2019 the passion and some requests also led Turatello to gear up to produce large semi-trailers, which are the current SR320s, for Motorsport.

Up to the present day, with over 50 years of history and experience, the Turatello Group has a mixed production specialized on trailers and semi-trailers only boxed, also equipped with a living area, configurable in all respects together with its staff. and to the final customer.

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