Cube XL Model

Trailer with large volume for heavy transport

The size of the load

cm 294x170x180h


Total size

cm 400x193x227

Overall weight

750 / 1000 kg


c.a. 380 kg


c.a. 370/620 kg



195/50 R 10

Cube XL Model

Trailer freight, to an axis. Great for transporting everything from motorbikes to karts, home furniture, wood, baggage and anything else that may come to mind.

Larger than the “simple” Cube model, the Cube XL is the more spacious goods transport trailer in the category up to 750 kg. Available in two versions, with a total of 750kg or 1000kg in weight, depending on the load required.

Designed and built by us in our factory in Padua, in tubular galvanised, welded and painted steel. The box body is made of sandwich panel fibreglass with internal insulation (camper type), with anodised aluminium profiles. Wheels 10 inch lowered, spare wheel and series parking brake. The floor is made of film-coated plywood , with bar axle torsion and AL-KO mechanics with inertia braking system.

Possibility of customisation: in accordance with the requests of the customer we can customise doors, ramps, height and size of the box body.

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