• Internal Useful Measures : 630x210x220h cm
  • External Measures : 490x198x162/180h cm
  • Gross Weight : 2000 Kg
  • Loading Weight : 1150 Kg (+ Optionals)
  • Wheels : 195/50-R10


  • Tilting frame
  • Galvanized frame and platforms
  • Strap fixing points
  • Lowered central locker
  • Front & left side doors
  • Post-cushioned ramp
  • Manual Winch & Spare Wheel
  • Rear support wheels

Tilting system with internal

Plates with holes for

Rear wheels

Central locker


The smallest of the vans for car or vehicle transport, the F20 model is the right way to transport the race car or the light road, while maintaining a lot of useful internal space and your car protected from climatic agents and prying eyes!

The standard equipment includes the tilting system, a manual winch, a cushioned rear ramp, a cushioned left side door, a front door, the rear support wheels and the spare wheel.

Many other options available, such as the double side door, the access door, the electric winch, the internal LED, the customized paint and many other options.

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