SR 50 Living

Mini Truck articulated vehicles from the paddock

The size of the load

cm 700x235x220


Total Size

cm 1030x250x330

Overall weight

6500 Kg


c.a. 2900 kg


c.a. 3600 kg



205/65 R 17,5

SR 50 Living

Made of galvanised and painted steel, with sandwich panels made of insulated 35 mm fibreglass with reinforcements of internal aluminium, tyre axles and 17.5 inch wheels, ideal for loading 1 Car / motorcycle / goods / boat, with plenty of space for storing materials.
Complete with a front living area measuring 300 cm with 4 beds, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, refrigerator, furniture and windows. Can customise the colour of the interior and the installation of countless options.
In addition to the standard, different variants and measures are available, we can meet your requests to measure, so contact us for a customised quote.

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